Front of Halloween House1 Lynn's bloody hands2 Right side of house & cemetary3 The Grim Reaper - See video for animatronics4 Front of house with full fog5 Grim Reapers6 Zombie on the fence7 Blue-eyed zombie on fence8 Zombie crawling out of grave9 Grim Reaper10 Grim Reapers above and below11 Shrouded zobie with lots of fog12 Zombie on fence13 Graveyard14 Zombie on fence15 Zombie on fence with graveyeard in background16 Zombie on fence with Grim Reapers in back17 Wide angle view of Zombie, Reapers & Graveyard18 Zombie on fence with Reaper & graveyard in back19 Doug with Zombie on fence20 Very scary clown with a very frightened zombie21 Lynn with her creatures!! And lots of fog!!22 Front of cemetary23 The whole cemetary24